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8Stellar offers its customers diversified array of designs and textures which will not only revamp your interior but will also add a finishing touch to your house.

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Curtain Fabric

Stellar is one of the most prominent suppliers of Curtain Fabrics offering extensive range of curtains that are in high demand in market because of its various attributes.

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Bed Linen

Our exclusive collection of bed linen ensures that you only get best of the comfort and get the best night sleep in ultra soft and cozy beds.

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Bath Linen

Stellar’s exclusive collection of Bath Linen is amongst the company’s most demanded designs in the market.Transform the old mundane display into a new and elegant look.

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The Stellar is an expert when it comes to selecting the ideal flooring for your home.

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You can get different types of foam mattresses, latex mattresses and spring mattresses as per your convenience.

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Our exquisite collection of carpets is perfectly suited for all types of purposes as they come in variety of colours to boost your architectural needs.